2014 Run #1: Arizona Rock 'n' Roll Half Marathon

My resolution for 2014 - to run 14 races in 2014. 

Race #1 - The Arizona Rock 'n' Roll Half Marathon

Being the first race of the year, we took our training very seriously. A full of week of not running beforehand, to make sure we were well rested of course. Eating lots of pizza, pasta, barbeque pork sandwiches, donuts, and chocolate to make sure we carb loaded. And drinking lots of coffee and cocktails to make sure we were well hydrated. HA! I had so much fun visiting my sister!

We ran this race for Scott, so we made sure to smile and have fun the whole time. Which was a little hard to do at 5am, but we pulled through.

Sunblock, water, light rail map - we're ready to go!

Little did this Oregon girl know that she needed to bring her coat instead of her swimsuit to Arizona. It was freezing in the morning!

Arizona Girl is well prepared.

Luckily, I have been through enough REAL winters to not let a little cold stop me. The man wearing the hoodie bathrobe was truly the most prepared person we saw though. I didn't get his picture, but I did manage to capture to this lady looking rather annoyed at our joyful, witty early morning banter.
Don't hate us because we're having more fun than you.

We warmed right up once we started running and maintained a good pace, except for the bathroom stop in which people were taking f-o-r-e-v-e-r to do their business. It's a race people! Pee and go!

Shiny, happy runners!

Some of the bands were better than others, but hearing the next one up ahead meant you were close to finishing another mile. The course was flat with one big long hill that had cool Taiko drummers pounding you up and down it. And I only got yelled at once by Jenny for talking too much while she tried to focus on her pace.

Look at how in sync we are!

But we did it! My sister rocked her first (and last) half marathon!!!  We were also able to raise some money in my brother's honor for the American Diabetes Association (thanks mom!). 

Yes, she is already wishing she was at home in bed and that this was all just a bad dream.
I had such a blast in Arizona. I earned the Best Aunt of the Year award by teaching my adorable nephew how to play Pokemon and Minecraft.

And I got to see my oldest best friend in the world and her sweet new baby girl.

Go Ducks!
Best race ever, best trip ever - I love you Arizona!!!! Until next time!