The Ice Bath

You know how they say things happen in 3's? Well it must be true, because my legs finally felt good 3 days after the big run and all 3 boys were off on their own adventures that evening! So I stopped by Beaverton Bakery on the way home after work, then took myself out for a nice 4.5 mile run. Then I did it. The ice bath.

I was scared.

But with tea in hand, I chanted my mantra - what one woman can do, another can also. I was going to kill the bear (bonus points for movie reference).

It was cold. I do not look cute. And it was the longest 10 minutes of my life. But I did it! And I don't know if it was the self induced suffering or just that Beaverton Bakery rocks, but the petit fours I ate afterwards were the sweetest, most delicious treats I've tasted in a long time.

And I do have to say that when I woke up the next morning, my legs didn't hurt at all. I felt great. Damn it, it looks like there are more ice baths in my future. But on the bright side, I have a really good reason go to to Beaverton Bakery again. 


Holy Humble Hurray!

Holy smokes, I did it! 12 miles! Now before you get all after school special on me, let me explain...or admit...that I've tried to run this far before and failed, very miserably. And for me, this is the longest I've ever run - ever!

Why run so far now you ask? Because smarty pants me is following a half marathon training schedule that has you peak your long runs mid-way before a race and then taper them back down so your legs aren't jello the week before race day.

Sounds good, eh? Yeah, well I'm a little off schedule due to my, uh hmmm, lessons learned lets call them. So to remind myself (and mom - this is what I've been up to lately):

1. You need the right clothes.
 - Shoes, check. Put wallet back in purse; husband smiles. Long run attempt #1 however was cut very short after being cold and wet with a nylon jacket stuck closer to my skin than the static cling sock I wore on my pants all day. And I thought it was my winning personality that made people smile. A rainy runner Oregon girl needs (1) a ventilated hat and (2) a waterproof, windproof jacket. Remind your husband that happy wife = happy life, and buy the right clothes for the weather you're running in.
After my first 12 mile run
2. Be the tortoise, not the bunny.
- "Your average pace is 10 minutes per mile" (yes, I'm hearing voices from my phone and not my head), check. Long run attempt #2.5, ended painfully with me walking back home. Rockstar me was more concerned about my speed than my form, and I ended up doing some mindless funky chicken dance move mid-run and hurt my knee. I embraced my inner turtle and only averaged 12 minutes per mile this time, but was focused and pain free the entire 12 miles.

Me with red hair at the Hoppity Hop 10K
3. Fuel while running.
- Light breakfast, Gatorade, wait 30 minutes, check. At mile 6 of long run attempt #I've got this now, I was thirsty and exhausted. Luckily I had enough sense left to not push myself and risk injury again and went back home. Learned you need fuel and water during a long run, not just before and after.

I tried GU energy gels in orange flavor, and wow! what a difference. This time I was sucking down gel and drinking water every 3 miles and - shock, surprise - I felt great, great enough to keep running! The gel didn't bother my stomach at all. Espresso Love seems to be the blogger GU gel of choice, so me and my change purse have some shopping to do.

I love Anne Taintor!

4. Ice, ice baby.
- Right clothes + slow and steady pace + fuel and water = successful long run #1, check! Yay me, I deserve a nice hot shower and Ben and Jerry's - totally love and ate the entire Liz Lemon pint! Felt pretty good about myself until I woke up the next morning and couldn't move. After my minor (ok, I have anxiety issues) major hypochondria about rhabdomyolysis subsided, my online obsession found its way to informative posts about why you should take an ice bath after a long run.

Not me, but how I feel about rhabdo and ice baths
So this weekend I am going to see if I love GU Espresso Love and will have a cute sweatshirt in the ice bath picture to share - as my husband tells me, it's what all the football players do.

Like the sock, it would of been helpful to know this BEFORE I went to work. But apparently this is how God keeps me humble.