Week 1: Whole Wheat Spaghetti with a Chance of Tofu

As every mother should be, my mom was very focused on nutrition for us kids. There was however a very large generational food gap between my 70's "peace, love, & granola" mother and us 80's nerds and pop rocks kids. It should of been no surprise then when given a pile of brown speckled whole wheat noodles that Scott threw them at the wall. The look of shock on my mom's face turned to laughter though when Scott quickly yelled, "Ok, they're ready! I was just making sure it was spaghetti. Since spaghetti sticks to the wall when it's done."  Makes sense to me! Only Scott could make us all laugh and not get in trouble after sticking food to the wall.

Week 1 Training Recap:

Mon - 3 mile run/walk with dog (short legs and a long nose make it hard to run)
Tues - 30 min Body Revolution workout video
Wed  - 3 mile run + 30 min Body Revolution workout video
Thur - 30 min Body Revolution workout video
Fri - 30 min Body Revolution workout video
Sat - rest
Sun - 7 mile run

I've started doing Jillian Michael's Body Revolution workout video cause I need to add some strength training to my running to keep injury free. I'll be honest. She scares me. If I miss a workout she just might come to my house and yell at me. It's like looking in a mirror and saying Bloody Mary. Not going to do it. Why tempt fate?


I'm also following the below training schedule from Marathon Rookie. But as you can tell from my weekly recap, I'm not worried about anyone tracking me down and kicking my ass. It is not very realistic for me to keep this exact schedule, but I ran 13 miles this week!

10-Week Half Marathon Training Schedule
103Rest3Walk 2Rest13.1Rest21.1


The Scott Lloyd Magnificent Racers - How You Can Support Our Run

Not only am I excited to be running for Team Diabetes in honor of my brother Scott, but I am super uber excited to be running with my sister Jennifer. We are "The Scott Lloyd Magnificent Racers!"

Why Magnificent? Because we are. ha! But really it's because one of our favorite memories growing up is playing the board game "The Magnificent Race" with Scott and Bryan. I've kept it all these years, and it's torn and falling apart - but isn't that the true sign of something well loved anyways.

We are running the  Arizona Rock 'n' Roll Half Marathon for Team Diabetes on January 19, 2014. Our goal is to raise $500, so please consider joining us to help make others smile and support our run. All proceeds go directly to the American Diabetes Association, and you can donate at the following link:

You are also welcome to join our team and run with us! (You are responsible for all your own costs associated with travel and the race since 100% of support received goes to Team Diabetes.)  Just leave a comment, and we'll get in touch with you.

I'll post the ups and downs of my training *I can do hard things!* (just keep telling yourself that Bethy girl) and post more pictures and stories of Scott as I embark on this 10 week journey.


In Honor of My Brother

My older brother, Scott, was diagnosed with childhood diabetes when he was 13 or 14. If I had only one word to describe him it would be smile. He always made others smile and had a smile even when he wasn't happy or in pain. He hid a lot of that from us. I think it was because he didn't want his illness to define him, and I hope he's happy to know that it didn't. When I think of him I never think of diabetes. I think of throwing darts, hitting pinatas, being goofy, playing The Magnificent Race and Shoot The Moon board games, dancing to Nine Inch Nails at his wedding, playing Keno for the first time, the thrill of drinking with my older brother whose birthday was 1 day and 1 month before mine, and laughing. He had a great sense of sarcasm to go with his humor, and always had a wry comment to make me smile even during contentious family political or religious debates. Not that I come from a long line of stubborn, independently minded people. maybe.

L to R: Jenny, Me, Scott, Bryan circa 1993 - look at our hair!!!

We all knew he was sick. My oldest brother, whose example of genuine love and care for another humbles me beyond words, tried to convince Scott to move in with him, but he wouldn't have it (did I mention stubborn and independent runs in our family). I was not that close with Scott, and while I have a feeling that Bry and those close to him knew, I really didn't think he was as sick as he was. I remember him being upset when Bryan told us when he was in the hospital and can picture him standing in his driveway with a smirk telling me, "I'm not going to die; I've got more years in me than they think." That was less then a year ago.

L to R: Scott, Jenny, Me, Bryan circa 2012 - with less, but better hair!

I guess that's why it such a shock when I heard the news. I was in Indianapolis sitting in a hotel conference room waiting for the next assessment session to start. I don't know what made me listen to my voice mail, but as soon as I heard it I just stood up and started walking. My apologies to the presenter. It's such a shock. You expect to see a person for Thanksgiving in less than a month but instead they are gone. You realize that you didn't fully appreciate a person in your life who you really cared about and now it's too late.

L to R: Scott, Me, Bryan, Dad - Thanksgiving 2012

Scott would try to make me laugh or smile right now. He would say something witty or silly or simply state the obvious in such a way that the absurdity of it all would make you realize that all you could do was laugh. And he would hate what I'm going to do next. He would hate the attention it brought to himself or his disease. But like him I'm stubborn and independent and am going to do this my way, which I hope he can appreciate.

I'm going to run the Phoenix Rock n' Roll Marathon on January 19, 2014 as part of Team Diabetes in Scott's honor for the American Diabetes Association. I'm running in hope that other sisters may get to smile and laugh with their brothers longer than I was able to due to our support. I'm also running because quite simply running, like my brother, makes me smile. I miss and love you Scott.

I'll post details about how you can support the American Diabetes Association and my run shortly.