Week 1: Whole Wheat Spaghetti with a Chance of Tofu

As every mother should be, my mom was very focused on nutrition for us kids. There was however a very large generational food gap between my 70's "peace, love, & granola" mother and us 80's nerds and pop rocks kids. It should of been no surprise then when given a pile of brown speckled whole wheat noodles that Scott threw them at the wall. The look of shock on my mom's face turned to laughter though when Scott quickly yelled, "Ok, they're ready! I was just making sure it was spaghetti. Since spaghetti sticks to the wall when it's done."  Makes sense to me! Only Scott could make us all laugh and not get in trouble after sticking food to the wall.

Week 1 Training Recap:

Mon - 3 mile run/walk with dog (short legs and a long nose make it hard to run)
Tues - 30 min Body Revolution workout video
Wed  - 3 mile run + 30 min Body Revolution workout video
Thur - 30 min Body Revolution workout video
Fri - 30 min Body Revolution workout video
Sat - rest
Sun - 7 mile run

I've started doing Jillian Michael's Body Revolution workout video cause I need to add some strength training to my running to keep injury free. I'll be honest. She scares me. If I miss a workout she just might come to my house and yell at me. It's like looking in a mirror and saying Bloody Mary. Not going to do it. Why tempt fate?


I'm also following the below training schedule from Marathon Rookie. But as you can tell from my weekly recap, I'm not worried about anyone tracking me down and kicking my ass. It is not very realistic for me to keep this exact schedule, but I ran 13 miles this week!

10-Week Half Marathon Training Schedule
103Rest3Walk 2Rest13.1Rest21.1

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