Fire and Ice

Ugghh. I took an ice bath yesterday. It sucked. That should mean I wasn't up all night with aching knees and calf cramps. At least I have a nice fire to go with my ice.

Ran Like Hell at Run Like Hell

Yesterday I completed my first half marathon!!! I tapered, I carb loaded, I ran like hell! I was so excited that I made my poor husband and son wake up at 6am on a Sunday so we could get there early. I guess we really didn't need to be there THAT early - they were still setting everything up.

 But it gave us time to add some yellow glitter to my hair to match my yellow glitter nails.

I was a little nervous about running in cotton, but my Pikachu hoodie actually kept me warm. It was in the low 40s and misty/light rainy.

Team Pika were the best support a running girl could ask for and were at the mile 5 aid station to cheer me up the Terwilliger hills. Reid was totally embarrassed that I yelled "Hi BooBear!" but one of the perks of being a mom is paying your kids back - aka 2006 IHOP diaper explosion barely missing the lady eating next to us.

Overall I had a great time running the course. The Terwilliger path was beautiful with fall leaves everywhere, and it was so fun seeing all the costumes. The devil, a bumble bee, and I had a good pace going for miles 8-11.

The only bad thing, which I'm not focusing on, was the train. At mile 11.5 we all came to a complete stop as a train had derailed across the course. It took over 40 minutes for it to clear, and my hamstrings and calves were spasming from being wet and cold. My knees suffered the worst of it even though I tried to stretch and move while waiting. The tutu fairy to my left thought she was going to puke and the spider witch to my right started shaking and her lips turned blue. It's twisted, but misery does enjoy company.

It hurt so bad to run, but I got my serious face on and entered the pain cave I read about in a running magazine. It was going to hurt walking or running, so I made up my mind to finish my first half running. I could barely see straight at the end, but once I saw my husband and son's faces waiting for me I got the strength to finish strong.

My phone says I finished in 2:13:44, but the official time is 02:19:05. Not sure which is right due to the train, but who cares! I set a personal record (PR) for myself! The only question that remains is what am I going to run next??? I love it!

I don't care! I love it!

Event2013 Run Like Hell
RaceHalf Marathon
DateOct 20, 2013
Overall526th / 1022
Women321st / 481
Women 35-3962nd / 90


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Julia Would Be Proud

Happy Sunday! It's stormy and raining so hard that we're flooding a bit, but I've got a nice big fire going and a cup of coffee making it quite a cozy morning. It also doesn't hurt that the husband stopped by the local casino and won us some extra $$$. He should be a professional poker player, but I'd miss him too much with all the traveling it would require. Instead I told him that mama needed some new running pants and sent him on his way. And now I've got these beauties to look forward to, which I'm trying to focus on instead of the gallons of water I know will be soaking me on my run today.
Womens CW-X Endurance Generator Fitted Tights
CW-X Endurance Generator Tights

Plus I'm channeling my inner Julia Child and made Pouding Alsacien (Gratin of Sauteed Apples). "This simple - ha! - apple dessert is always better if prepared the day before it is eaten, as a good 24 hours are needed for a slow blending of flavors." Oh, it looks and smells so good that I want to eat it now, but Julia said to wait, so we shall wait.