My Walls

I always enjoy reading "the other Beth" from high school's blog and being the online wanderer that I am, I clicked thru from one of her posts to find another girl who I went to high school with and was inspired by her blog, A Year in the Life of an Art Journal. Crafty and coffee - it had me at "Hello, Lovelies."

The 30th came this month after Wednesday date night with the hubby, so still slightly hung over from Hokusei's lychee sake martinis and with a belly still full of salmon collar I begin...

Monday Mugshots Collaboration May 30th
PROMPT: My Walls. Do you have walls that you put up?
SHOOTERS: Shoot your mug in front of a cool textured wall.

First thought - oh crap, I do not have a cool textured wall in my immediate vicinity.  Second thought - just take a picture of your wall already. So there you have it. My morning coffee and blank office wall. I just got my own office, and to date have not been motivated to decorate. Could it be that by not decorating I'm putting up a wall to separate my personal life from my work life? Do I not want my work space to reflect my personality? Or am I just being lazy? Who knows, but I just realized that like my wall, my coffee cup is empty. And unlike my wall, I'm going to fill it up.

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