My first crash and ice

It was 27 degrees on Saturday, so I did what any other normal person would do. I put on my ski clothes and ran 8 miles. Pro compression socks over thermal pants over compression tights and my thermal shirt under my waterproof, windproof jacket (so worth every penny!).  Top it off with my ski hat, and I'm cute and functional.
Frank was ready to run, but he doesn't have any snow clothes yet.
It actually wasn't that bad once I got going. I won't kid anyone though, it was cold. So cold that the lake I run around froze! The poor ducks were all huddled in a small corner that hadn't froze over yet. 

You can see the rocks people threw to test the ice.
I'm glad I got outside cause it was gorgeous! Sparkling ice with Christmas decorations everywhere. Then it happened. My first crash. You might think that I slipped on ice, but those who know me well know better. 

While I was admiring all the Christmas decorations outside, at mile 4 sat a house with Halloween decorations still up. Halloween?!? It was What the pumpkin - Boom! - pavement. I tripped on the sidewalk gawking at the Halloween house. No ice anywhere to be found. Just me and dry pavement and the pumpkins. As I laid sprawled on the lawn in the front of the house, I secretly hoped the owners would come out so I could I tell them about the dangers of leaving out incorrect holiday decorations for too long, but alas no one came to my rescue. So I got up, looked at my torn thermal pants, was thankful that my compression tights didn't rip and that I put my leather gloves on, and finished the last 4 miles.

I felt a wince of pain on my knee but had too many layers on to check until I got home.
I'm missing a nice chunck of skin, but thankfully didn't hurt my knee. Lessons learned? Keep your eyes on the road. And be wary of frozen pumpkins - they're rotten to the core.

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