Week 5: Half way there!

Monday - ran 3 miles; Body Revolution 7
Tuesday - rest
Wednesday - ran 5 miles
Thursday - Body Revolution 8
Friday - ran 3 miles; Body Revolution 7
Saturday - ran 10 miles; Body Revolution 8
Sunday - rest

Wow, this training schedule has been a doosey. Is that a real word? Or a grandma word? Hmmm, deep thoughts. Anywho, most of the week I was feeling like this:

On Saturday though, all my hard work paid off. I actually felt good on my 10 mile run. Nothing hurt. Nothing! What a difference mid-week running and strength training make! It also helps that I found the best GU flavor EVER! I just happened to find 2 of them recently digging thru a big ol' bin of gels.

Salted Caramel and Winter Bigfoot - what's not to love!
And before all the Who's in the Whoville could go boo-hoo-hoo, I got online and ordered more. Plus it was a warm 44 degrees on my long run and all the ducks were laughing (really, they were making this laughing quacking sound) cause the lake was only half frozen.

More ducks than rocks this weekend.

Mom gave me some really old pictures of Scott that I'll post shortly. I forgot to do it today because I was focused on getting all of my sister's Christmas presents in the car to mail to Arizona. Oh yeah, score one for the good sister! Who is not hating that it's 70 degrees in Arizona right now. not. hating. big heart of Christmas joy. love ya sis!

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